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In memoriam. . .

These were articles that we happened to find in our archives or that were contributed. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the website. If you have any articles you would like to share, please contact us… You can send them to Gina. We will add them as we are able, but be patient, we are all volunteers here.  :)

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Tribbey Grothjan Cassano Memoriam Cramer
Class of '59
Wayne E. Tribbey
Class of '60
Thomas F. Grothjan
Class of '61
Norman Edgar Artz
Class of '61
Patricia Ann Conley
Class of '62
Thomas John Cramer


Class of '62
Charles F. Wiltsee
Class of '75
Paula Renee Fannon Ruzick


Anderson AndrewBowen Mundy

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Lou Galiardi
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